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Balcony of Jandia Duplex

Balcony of Jandia Duplex

Apartment with excellent views and very well located

Apartments of 40 meters fully equipped with air conditioning, Internet access and with excellent views.

Located just 5 minutes from the beach, you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Terraza Balcon de Jandia

Vistas de la terraza de Balcon de Jandia

Salon Balcon de Jandia

Vistas del salon Balcon de Jandia

Terraza Balcon de Jandia

Terraza de Balcon de Jandia

Pergola y Terraza Balcon de Jandia

Vistas de la terraza con pergola del Balcon de Jandia

Baño Balcon de Jandia

Detalle del baño Balcon de Jandia

Dormitorio Balcon de Jandia

Vistas del dormitorio Balcon de Jandia

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